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Sheep hunting enthusiasts have long considered the mountain ranges of Asia to be home to the best Sheep hunting on the planet. With the diversity of landscapes only being surpassed by the diversity of huntable game species, it’s no wonder that Asia is one of our most popular hunting destinations. Hunting in Asia is generally tough and unpredictable setbacks occur frequently, so be sure to check with us considering the current status of hunting in these countries as well as hunts not mentioned here.

The continent of Europe is one of the most compelling travel destinations in the entire world. Where hunting was once the sport of royalty and the privileged, pursuing big game in Europe is at its own level of sophistication. It is here where our hunting heritage is most advanced. Due to Europe’s approach in intense game management and selective breeding, the most impressive trophy quality of animals is available here.

As your premier hunting booking agents, we strive to bring you the very best hunts in Asia and Europe.


Hunt Species:

  • Red Stag
  • Fallow Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Mouflon Sheep
  • Roe Buck
  • Alpine Ibex
  • Chamois

This unique hunting adventure takes place in the Gutsverwaltung Miesenbach hunting district located in the lower Alps, about 50 miles south of Vienna. The Alps provide a fantastic backdrop to this outstanding hunt. Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Chamois, Alpine Ibex, Mouflon Sheep, Roe Deer and Wild Boar are abundant. Success rates are outstanding. The outfitter offers a money back guarantee if you don’t bag a trophy. Vienna is recognized as one of Europe’s most important cultural centers. The Roman Empire established a military base during the first century at what is now city center of Vienna. With more than 2,000 years of history, there is a virtually an endless number of historic sites. Vienna is one of the best and most historic tourist destinations in the world.

You will be met at the Vienna-Schwechat airport and taken to a first class Hotel/Spa located in the middle of the hunting area. There you will enjoy comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, tennis facilities and excellent cuisine. Hotel fees are not included in hunt prices and are approximately €130 per day per person, meals included.

Hunt prices listed here are base prices and do not include point and weight fees calculated after the hunt. All trophies are scored and weighed right after boiling. Final costs are calculated from base prices plus point and weight scores. Please contact our office for details on how final costs are calculated. There is a €500 fee that covers all transfers to and from the airport and hunting licenses. A 20% value added tax is included in the trophy fees.

Final price determined by size, weight and quality of trophy.

Red Stag
August 1 – January 15
Bronze medal – 170 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 190 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 210 CIC pts.

Fallow Deer
September 1 – January 15.
Bronze medal – 160 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 170 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 180 CIC pts.

Wild Boar
January 1 – December 31.
Bronze medal – 110 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 115 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 120 CIC pts.

Roe Buck
June 1 – October 15.
Bronze medal – 105 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 115 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 130 CIC pts.

Alpine Ibex
August 1 – January 15.
Bronze medal – 150 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 157 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 165 CIC pts.

August 1 – December 31.
Bronze medal – 160 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 170 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 180 CIC pts.

Mouflon Sheep
June 1 – January 15.
Bronze medal – 185 CIC pts.
Silver medal – 195 CIC pts.
Gold medal – 205 CIC pts.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Hunt Species:

  • Dagestan Tur

One of the most prominent features of Azerbaijan is the Caucasus Mountains that extend from the eastern shores of the Black Sea to the southwest shores of the Caspian Sea. This mountain range is commonly known as the southwestern frontier of Europe.

A biological crossroads, species from northern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East intermingle here with endemics found nowhere else. For many trophy hunters, the country’s name is almost synonymous with the Dagestan Tur that inhabits the Caucasus Mountains.

Known as the “ultimate test” in the hunting world, Tur hunting is for those who are prepared to meet anything that these mountains will throw at them.

$10,500 per person
2nd Tur – $5,500
Group discounts available!
5-day hunt, June 1st – December 31st

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Hunt Species:

  • Marco Polo Argali
  • Hume Argali
  • Tian Shan Argali
  • Mid-Asian Ibex

The Kyrgyz Republic, or Kyrgyzstan as it’s commonly known, is a central Asian mountain hunters dream located in the western Tian Shan Mountain Range. With affordable rates for both sheep and mid-Asian Ibex, it’s no wonder that Kyrgyzstan has quickly become one of the most popular Asian hunting destinations. Marco Polo Argali, Hume Argali, Tian Shan Argali and very large Mid-Asian Ibex call Kyrgyzstan home. Our outfitter here has been operating in Kyrgyzstan in the late 80’s and has access to some of the best areas in the country for sheep and ibex. The altitude in Kyrgyzstan isn’t quite as high as what you would see in Tajikistan, so horses are used extensively on these hunts. Lodging ranges from spike camps to comfortable cabins.

Marco Polo Argali – $32,000
September 20th – November 30th
Additional species: Mid-Asian Ibex – $5,500 / Wolf – $1,500
NOTE: Marco Polo Argali is in CITES II. U.S. clients are required to submit their own permit application permit to USFWS before May 1st.

Hume Argali – $32,000
September 20th – November 30th

Tian Shan Argali – $32,000
October 20th – November 30th

Mid-Asian Ibex – $9,000 (single hunter) / $8,000 (2 – 3 hunters)
August – September
Additional species: 2nd Mid-Asian Ibex – $5,000 / Wolf – $1,500

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Hunt Species:

  • Altai Ibex
  • Gobi Ibex
  • Altai Argali
  • Hangai Argali
  • Gobi Argali
  • Whitetail Gazelle
  • Wolf

For over 50 years this outfitter has been operating hunting safaris and outdoor expeditions in Mongolia. The knowledge of the areas and commitment to our clients is unrivaled by any other outfitter we’ve come across in the entire country. Mongolia provides the core habitat for the great Argali, which possess the highest body weight and horns of any wild sheep in the world. Both the Altai and Gobi Desert species are found in Mongolia, as well as the Hangai Argali. In addition to the Argali, two separate species of Ibex are found in Mongolia: the Altai and Gobi Ibex. With careful hunt management and exceptional hunting areas, they have assured extremely high levels of success on both species over the past several years.

We are able to offer many packages for these hunts, including the “Complete Package” which includes international airfare and multiple sightseeing options in Mongolia and throughout Asia.

Altai Ibex
9 days, 1×1 – $11,500 / 2×1 – $11,100 per hunter

Gobi Ibex
9 days, 1×1 – $11,400 / 2×1 – $10,950 per hunter

Altai Argali
16 days, POR

Hangai Argali
14 days, POR

Gobi Argali
14 days, POR

Altai Ibex & Gobi Ibex
14 days, 1×1 – $22,500

Gobi Ibex & Whitetail Gazelle
10 days, 1×1 – $12,800 / 2×1 – $8,850 per hunter

Whitetail Gazelle & Wolf
7 days, 1×1 – $4,800 / 2×1 – $4,300 per hunter

Whitetail Gazelle & Sandgrouse
7 days, 4×2 – $4,200 per hunter / 6×2 – $3,950 per hunter

Additional government, documentation and trophy fees apply.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Hunt Species:

  • Himalayan Blue Sheep
  • Himalayan Tahr

Experienced sheep hunters consider the Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep hunts in Nepal some of the best and most challenging hunts in the world. Our outfitter has access to some of the very best areas in Nepal for these exotic species. With thirty plus years of Nepalese hunting experience, this outfitter is able to offer you hunts for trophy Himalayan Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr in the remotest hunting blocks of the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Each hunt is personally supervised with the full support of outstanding Sherpa guides, unparalleled for their high altitude mountain knowledge and guiding experience. Clients can choose to charter into the area via helicopter or take the nine-mile trek into the hunting area on foot and horseback, an experience we recommend for the hunter looking for a real adventure. Though Jeff and Greg did this hunt over 18 years apart, they both consider this to be their finest mountain hunt to date.

Himalayan Blue Sheep/Tahr Combo
17 day itinerary, March – April and October – November
1×1 – $25,500 / 2+ hunters – $19,500 per hunter

Himalayan Blue Sheep
14 day itinerary, March – April or October – November
1×1 – $19,000 / 2+ hunters – $13,500 per hunter

Himalayan Tahr
12/17 day itinerary, November – April
1×1 – $12,500

Licenses, permits, donations, helicopter charters and VET permits not included in the rates above. Reach out to us about those exclusions, and additional options including high mountain, non-hunting treks through the Himalayas with the help of experienced Sherpa guides.


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Hunt Species:

  • Astor Markhor
  • Kashmir Markhor
  • Suleman Markhor
  • Sindh Ibex
  • Himalayan Ibex
  • Blue Sheep
  • Blandford Urial
  • Punjab Urial
  • Afghan Urial
  • Nilgai
  • Blackbuck
  • Hog Deer
  • Feral Water Buffalo
  • Axis Deer

With rugged snowy mountains that have fluted icy pinnacles piercing the sky and windswept plains stretching for miles, Pakistan is a land of contrasts. It offers some of Asia’s most mind-bending features and a kaleidoscopic view of culture and ethnic structure.

Pakistan has the densest concentration of high mountain peaks on earth. It features 5 out of the 14 summits that soar above 24,000 feet on the face of the earth where three of the mightiest mountain systems meet; The Hindu Kush, the Karakorams and the Himalayas.

This land of geographical splendors is also endowed with the rarest animals in creation, some of which are indigenous specifically to its spectacular mountains. Here live three different species of Markhor, four separate types of Urial as well as two subspecies of Ibex and Blue Sheep.

Being a game rich country, Pakistan was appreciated by a number of trophy hunters long before its separation from British India. Many British soldiers here had the privilege of pursuing these elusive game animals back in colonial times. Now it is your turn to hunt in these lands and have a taste of the excitement these sportsmen experienced previously.

Astor Markhor …………… POR
Kashmir Markhor ……….. POR
Suleman Markhor ………. POR
Sindh Ibex …………….. $19,500
Himalayan Ibex ……… $14,000
Blue Sheep ……………. $28,000
Blandford Urial ………. $30,000
Punjab Urial ………… $30,000
Afghan Urial ………… $30,000
Nilgai …………………. $9,000
Blackbuck …………….. $9,000
Hog Deer ……………… $6,500
Feral Water Buffalo … $8,000
Axis Deer ……………… $9,000
Hunting permits for Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep and Astor Markhor are auctioned in mid-end September followed by auctions of Kashmir Markhor in mid-end October. Punjab Urial permits are auctioned in mid-end November with Sindh Ibex and Blandford Urials auctioned in mid December. The schedule of auctions may be changed by the concerned authorities. Plan on booking your hunts at least 8 to 12 months in advance.

Prices include visa invitation, custom handling, hunting organization up to mentioned days, one trophy fee of mentioned species, hunting license, gun import permit, area fees, transfers from/to Islamabad airport, full board accommodation in the hunting area, interpreter and local guide. Restrictions and additional fees apply.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Kashmir Markhor - Pakistan


Hunt Species:

  • Kamchatka Brown Bear
  • Kamchatka Snow Sheep
  • Koryak Snow Sheep
  • Chukotka Snow Sheep
  • Kuban Tur
  • Mid-Caucasian Tur
  • Caucasian Chamois

For the sportsman looking for true adventure, the hunting and fishing opportunities in Russia are as varied as the species available to hunt here. The country holds the worlds largest population of brown bear and there’s some absolutely incredible mountain hunting to experience. The various mountain ranges scattered all over the country offers hunters nearly a dozen different species of sheep and wild goat to pursue.

For centuries this rich landscape of big game has provided great sport for hunters from the Russian aristocracy all the way to the modern sportsman seeking adventure in one of the most wild and remote lands in the world.

Accommodations vary for each trip as conditions vary wildly. The hunting is as good as it gets but these trips are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for long delays, vehicle and equipment malfunctions and, to put it mildly, logistical shortcomings.

Kamchatka Brown Bear
6 hunting days, spring
14,500 per hunter, plus helicopter fees
2nd Brown Bear – $7,500

Kamchatka Snow Sheep
10 hunting days, fall
$28,500 (includes helicopter fees)

Combination and single species hunts for Kuban and Mid-Caucasian Tur available.
Inquire with our office for more details.

More species available.
These rates do not include certain fees. Please inquire for a full list of fees.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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Hunt Species:

  • Gredos Ibex
  • Beceite Ibex
  • Southeastern Ibex
  • Ronda Ibex
  • Cantabrian Chamois
  • Pyrenean Chamois
  • Iberian Red Deer
  • European Fallow Deer
  • European Roe Deer
  • Eurasian Wild Boar
  • European Barbary Sheep
  • Balearean Goat
  • Iberian Mouflon Sheep
Hunting excellence in a Spanish tradition is offered on these hunts. This is one of our most luxurious hunts with an expert guide that brings over 25 years experience hunting in Spain. In addition to the big game species listed, you can also take part in a driven hunt for Red-Winged Partridge.

Daily Rates

One hunter – $775 per day
Non-hunting companion – $350 per day

Pricing includes all necessary hunting permits, insurance, all trophy surcharges or medal scoring, professional guide/interpreter, use of Land Rover and horses (if necessary), accommodations, meals, reception at the airport and firearms clearance.

Pricing excludes government V.A.T. of 21%, trophy fees, trophy preparation and airfare.

Reach out to us for further pricing information and the extensive species-specific trophy fees.


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Hunt Species:

  • Marco Polo Argali
  • Bukharan “Tajik” Markhor
  • Mid-Asian Ibex

Bukharan Markhor

We have been offering mountain hunts in Tajikistan since 1992, typically for Marco Polo and Mid-Asian Ibex. In the last two years we have been putting together hunts for the Bukharan or “Tajik” Markhor in community-based management areas. Community- based wildlife management is a recent development in Tajikistan. The aim of this approach is to offer revenues to local people and their families through conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, to refrain them to hunt unsustainably and motivate them durably to protect their wildlife resources.

Since 2008 game management areas that are protected by families or associations of local hunters have been established with the support of a nature conservation and development project. Revenues generated from guided hiking, game-viewing, wildlife photography and hunting are used to support the work of local rangers and nature guides, and any surpluses are invested into local development projects.

We work very closely with the teams who manage these game management areas and are privileged to be one of the few agents who can offer this hunt. These hunts are extremely limited with only six permits being issued in 2016 – 2017. The peer-reviewed science behind the positive effect that these hunts have on the Markhor population has helped secure import permits of this animal for the first time in decades. These hunts are typically sold for the hunting season before convention season starts, so please inquire immediately if interested for pricing and more information.

Price on request. February, 7 hunting days.

Marco Polo Argali

Hunters wanting a big Marco Polo know that Tajikistan is the place to go to make it happen. Years of sound management, high populations with limited quotas and good genetics have created the perfect setting to find Marco Polo Argali. We are able to offer hunts in multiple areas throughout the Murgabregion of Tajikistan for these enormous wild sheep. Prices vary by region and hunting area.

POR. 7 hunting days, November 20 – December 20 or January 10 – February 28. Additional species: Mid-Asian Ibex – $5,500. Rate includes visa invitation, custom handling, hunting organization for 10 days, trophy fee for one Marco Polo Argali, hunting license, gun import permit, area fees, transfers to and from Dushanbe airport, full board accommodation during the hunt, export licenses, VET certificates, interpreter and local guide, rifle permit, assistance from English speaking representative .

NOTE: Marco Polo Argali is in CITES II. U.S. clients are required to submit their own permit application permit to USFWS before May 1.

Mid-Asian Ibex – $7,500 (1 hunter) / $6,750 (2 or more hunters)

NOTE: To avoid any potential problems in Tajikistan, make sure you book with a reputable outfitter or agent. Trophy shipping and import issues have arisen in the past for clients looking for a “deal”.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.


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Hunt Species:

  • Anatolian Bezoar Ibex
  • Hybrid Ibex
  • Anatolian Red Stag
  • Anatolian Chamois
  • Urfa Gazelle
  • Anatolian Wild Boar
  • Anatolian Konya Sheep

This is one of our favorite hunting destinations in Asia. The mixture of culture, ease of travel, cuisine and phenomenal hunting makes Turkey a worthy addition to the “bucket list”. The amount of game in these prime areas is out of this world, and the local guides are incredible at putting you within range of an old, mature animal. We recommend bringing a wife or friend along as an observer, as there are many sightseeing destinations before or after the hunt.

Borders of Turkey overlap with the Anatolian Peninsula, previously known as Asia Minor, the land of sun and history. It is a region replete with natural wonders and history across millennia.

Turkey owes its natural and historical opulence to its unique geographical location – a crossroads at which many different civilizations and species met and inter-fused, forming uniqueness out of diversity. The most important natural asset of Turkey is gene pool of the numerous animal and plant species, which came into creation through years of evolution as distinct breeds came to, settled on and intermingled here.

Turkey is a country that protected its natural environment. Many species that have been preserved artificially in other countries are still living in the wild in the full beauty of their natural habitat in many localities of Anatolia.

The land which for thousands of years served sultans, kings and rulers as hunting grounds still has a lot to offer to those who want to collect the bounty. What is more, you do not have to be royalty to hunt in these grounds anymore, yet you certainly will be welcomed as one.

Pricing depends on area and species.  Please reach out to us for further details.


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