A Message From Jeff

2016 was another outstanding year for our clients in terms of success and trophy quality. The hunting industry continued to be in the spotlight throughout 2016, and never in history has a U.S. presidential election held more weight on the future of international hunting than the 2016 race did. Sportsman and sportswomen united behind President Trump and played a big role in getting him elected, so let’s hope his administration makes some favorable changes to ensure that the sustainable use of wildlife at home and abroad continues for generations to come.

We again have added some new hunting and fishing programs to our offering this year, including sustainable-use conservation hunts in Tajikistan for the Bukaharan Markhor and Bukaharan Urial. Our team continues to search for new opportunities for our clients and we are excited to have listed some of these new offerings within this website.

To say we are looking forward to an outstanding 2017 season would be a vast understatement.

Please give us a call or browse through this website for more information on hunting and fishing trips around the globe. We would love to earn your business and trust for the upcoming season and beyond.

Yours in Great Hunts,

Jeff C Neal