A Message From The Neal And Brownlee Team

2017 found our clients in more destinations than ever before in our 40+ year history in business. We were pleased to see trophy quality continuing to remain outstanding across multiple species, and were even fortunate enough to assist our client in shooting the largest ever hunter-killed Bukharan Markhor on record in December 2017! We’ve proved trophies of that size are not a thing of the past and should be considered a testimate to the sound game management in these areas.

We’re pleased to see the African hunting market picking up in a big way over the past 12 months, and a change of power in Zimbabwe has us hopeful that the country returns to what it was in its prime. Asia was again big for us as we expand our offerings, and we are extremely excited about our community-based hunts we are partnered with in Tajikistan. We visited the communities many times in 2017 and are convinced that this is the future of hunting in Asia.

Thank you for having enough interest in our company to pick up our brochure. We work hard all year to bring our clients the best hunts, in the best locations in the world, and these pages highlight just some of what we helped our clients accomplish. To all of our clients who helped make 2017 our best year yet, we appreciate your continued loyalty and trust. To all potential clients, let us show you what we can do to help achieve your hunting goals.

Yours in Great Hunts,

Jeff, Greg & Trey