Burkina Faso

Hunt Species:

  • Lion
  • West African Savannah Buffalo
  • Western Roan
  • Sing Sing Waterbuck
  • Western Hartebeest
  • Reedbuck
  • Western Kob
  • Harnessed Bushbuck
  • Western Grimms Duiker
  • Oribi
  • Warthog
  • Baboon
  • Bustard
  • Other Birds

Burkina Faso is a small landlocked country in West Africa. Formerly a French colony called, “Haute Volta” and later on the “Republic of Upper Volta”, the country was renamed “Burkina Faso” in 1984. Apart from native languages, French is the most widely spoken language in Burkina Faso. It is a politically stable country and hunters are welcomed by its friendly people. Ouagadougou, the capital, is a bustling city and has a very low crime rate when compared to other large African cities. Burkina offers many of the West African species of big-game as found in Cameroon. It is a newer safari destination for hunters in the U.S. and, compared to other countries, is incredibly affordable. Hunts are conducted from comfortable camps and a friendly camp atmosphere, and the trophy quality is outstanding.


With probably the highest density of Lion in Burkina Faso within our outfitter’s concession, Lion hunters enjoy close to a 100% success rate. This is especially remarkable given that baiting is not allowed in Burkina Faso and Lions are only hunted by tracking. Hunting a wild Lion up close and personal provides for a very exhilarating experience which is sure to rank among your best hunting experiences of all time. Genetically, Lions in Burkina Faso do not grow large manes.

West African Savannah Buffalo

While slightly smaller in body size to the Cape buffalo, the West African Savannah Buffalo offer an identical hunting experience. In Burkina Faso, the West African Savannah Buffalo range from reddish-orange to a solid black color and different colored Buffalo may be encountered in the same herd. The solid black-colored Buffalo are the larger of the two with greater body and horn mass. The pure red Buffalo tend to be more petite and also have a slightly different horn configuration to the black Buffalo. Similar to Cape Buffalo, these buffalo are extremely tough and can absorb multiple well placed shots from a large caliber rifle such as a 375 H&H or bigger, so are not to be taken lightly. Buffalo hunters have a 100% shot opportunity during the course of their hunt.

Western Roan

Burkina Faso probably has the highest concentrations of Roan in West Africa. Hunters can expect a 100% shot opportunity. Large herds are frequently encountered. However, a good mature bull will often be found on his own or in a smaller group. These are big bodied, tough antelope so use a premium bullet in a large enough caliber.

Day Rates:
7-day Antelope hunt (1×1) – 6,055 €. Quota to include 2 big game species and 1 small game species. Roan not included.
9-day Antelope hunt (1×1) – 8,280 €. Quota to include 3 big game species and 3 small game species. Roan not included.
8-day Buffalo hunt (1×1) – 8,832 €. Quota to include 1 Buffalo, 2 big game species and 1 small game species. Roan not included.
10-day Buffalo, Roan and Plains Game (1×1) – 11,500 €. Quota to include 1 Buffalo, 1 Roan, 2 big game species and 2 small game species.
14-day double Buffalo and Plains Game (1×1) – 15,890 €, (2×1) – 8,050 euros per hunter. Quota to include 2 Buffalo, 2 big game and 2 small game species. Quota to be shared if hunting on a (2×1) basis.

Rates include:

• Reception and assistance at Ouagadougou airport and transfer to hotel
• Services of PH and team including driver, tracker, and translator
• Services of camp staff
• Full board and accommodation
• Soft drinks and alcohol in moderation
• Bottled water
• Daily Laundry

Package rates exclude:

• Hotel and meals outside camp
• Gun permit (€120)
• Hunting license (€650). Big game only – €450
• Transfer to camp and return by road
• Anti-poaching fee (€500 per hunter)
• Observer daily rate – €200
• Tips and gratuities to staff and guides
• First Preparation of trophies
• Shipping home of trophies
• Trophy fees

Trophy Fees:
• Lion – €1450
• Buffalo – €480
• Roan – €490
• Western Hartebeest – €290
• Waterbuck – €420
• Reedbuck – €290
• Western Kob – €360
• Harnessed Bushbuck – €390
• Oribi – €70
• Bush Duiker – €70
• Warthog – €130
• Baboon – €60
• Bustard – €50
• Birds – €1

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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