Hunt Species:

  • Kamchatka Brown Bear
  • Kamchatka Moose
  • Kamchatka Snow Sheep
  • Kamchatka Big Horn
  • Kuban Tur
  • Mid Caucasian Tur
  • Chamois

For the sportsman looking for true adventure, the hunting and fishing opportunities in Russia are as varied as the species available to hunt here. The country holds the worlds largest population of brown bear as well as an incredible amount of Moose. The various mountain ranges scattered all over the country offers hunters nearly a dozen different species of sheep and wild goat for hunters to pursue.

For centuries this rich landscape of big game has provided great sport for hunters from the Russian aristocracy all the way to the modern sportsman seeking adventure in one of the most wild and remote lands in the world.

Accommodations vary for each trip as conditions vary wildly. The hunting is as good as it gets but these trips are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for long delays, vehicle and equipment malfunctions and, to put it mildly, logistical shortcomings.

Kamchatka Brown Bear
8 hunting days, fall
3×3 – $15,000
2×2 – $16,500
2nd Brown Bear – $7,000

Kamchatka Brown Bear
6 hunting days, Spring
2+ hunters – $14,500
2nd Brown Bear – $8,000

Kamchatka Brown Bear/Snow Sheep
9 hunting days, fall
3×3 – $20,000
2×2 – $22,500
Brown Bear trophy fee – $4,500
Snow Sheep trophy fee – $4,500

Kamchatka Big Horn/Snow Sheep
8 hunting days
$20,000 – $25,000, depending on species and area

Kuban & Mid-Caucasian Tur
Combo or single species – POR

More species available.
These rates do not include certain fees. Please inquire for a full list of fees.

Koryak Snow Sheep - Russia
Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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