Hunt Species:

  • Bezoar Ibex
  • Hybrid Bezoar Ibex
  • Anatolian Chamois
  • Mid Eastern Red Deer
  • Anatolian Roe Deer
  • Konya Sheep
  • Wild Boar
  • Wolf

This is one of our favorite hunting destinations in Asia. The mixture of culture, ease of travel, cuisine and phenomenal hunting makes Turkey a worthy addition to the “bucket list”. The amount of game in these prime areas is out of this world, and the local guides are incredible at putting you within range of an old, mature animal. We recommend bringing a wife or friend along as an observer, as there are many sightseeing destinations before or after the hunt.

Borders of Turkey overlap with the Anatolian Peninsula, previously known as Asia Minor, the land of sun and history. It is a region replete with natural wonders and history across millennia.

Turkey owes its natural and historical opulence to its unique geographical location – a crossroads at which many different civilizations and species met and interfused, forming uniqueness out of diversity. The most important natural asset of Turkey is gene pool of the numerous animal and plant species, which came into creation through years of evolution as distinct breeds came to, settled on and intermingled here.

Turkey is a country that protected its natural environment. Many species that have been preserved artificially in other countries are still living in the wild in the full beauty of their natural habitat in many localities of Anatolia.

The land which for thousands of years served sultans, kings and rulers as hunting grounds still has a lot to offer to those who want to collect the bounty. What is more, you do not have to be royalty to hunt in these grounds anymore, yet you certainly will be welcomed as one.

Bezoar Ibex – $10,900
Taurus Mountains & E. Anatolia, Aug.1-March 31, 7 day hunt, up to 90 cm,
additional trophy fee $300/cm over 90 cm
Bezoar Ibex – $16,900
Taurus Mountains (Prime areas), Aug. 1- March 31, 7 day hunt, up to 115
cm, additional trophy fee $450/cm over 115 cm
Hybrid Bezoar Ibex – $15,500
Adıyaman, Aug. 1- March 31, 7 day hunt
Anatolian Chamois – $14,900
North & East Anatolia, Aug. 1- Dec. 31, 5 day hunt
Mid Eastern Red Deer – $17,500
Central Anatolia, Sept. 1- Dec. 31, 5 days
Anatolian Roe Deer – $4,900
Bolu, Kastamonu, Karabük, May 1- Oct. 31, 3 day hunt
Konya Sheep POR
Konya, Aug. 1- Dec. 31, 5 day hunt, Please call for price and details
Wild Boar (Stalking) – € 1,450
All over Turkey, year round, 5 day hunt, trophy fees not included.
Wild Boar (Driven) – € 2,200
All over Turkey, Sep. 01- Feb. 28, 3 day hunt, 8-12 hunters. no trophy fee

Includes: Visa invitation, custom handling, organization up to mentioned days, one trophy fee of mentioned species (except Wild Boar), hunting & rifle licenses, area fees, transfers from/to closest airport, full board accommodation in the hunting area, interpreter and local guide. Additional fees and restrictions apply on this hunt.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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