Uruguay – Wingshooting


Bird Species

  • Dove
  • Pigeon
  • Perdiz

This estancia is considered the most luxurious mixed bag destination in South America and is by far the easiest to reach.  It is located only 45 minutes away from the International Airport of Montevideo with direct daily overnight flights from the United States and Europe.  The estancia is situated in the midst of the “Sierra de Minas” hill country.  The “Aguas Blancas” stream runs lazily through the property which presents stunning landscapes.

This 15,000 sq.ft. estancia accommodates up to 12 hunters distributed among its 8 very comfortable bedrooms with 7 bathrooms, two large living rooms, three dining rooms, a large partially enclosed terrace, two grill rooms and a small chapel.  The stone-built lodge was completed in 2013 and fully-decorated and landscaped by the renowned decorator Carol Raquet.

Pigeon shooting takes place in harvest corn fields or sorghum plantations which provides for incredible decoying.  Fields and plantations are constantly scouted by experienced guides.  Your personal guide will construct your blind from natural brush, place a nice spread of decoys within gunning range and then position themselves a short distance away so to assist you with gun loading, shells or just serve you a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer.  Hunters can expect to shoot 6+ boxes in a half-day shoot.

Eared Dove, considered almost a plague in Uruguay, provides the ultimate high-volume dove hunting experience.  Dove presentations are limitless each day and, hunters can expect to shoot well over 100 boxes per day at doves during the prime time, which is November through the end of April.  Driving times to the shooting areas are not more than 30 minutes and often times only 15 minutes.  Your personal guide will be there as a loader and to bring you refreshments during the day. Shoot as much or as little as you feel comfortable, but know that there is no limit similar to what you’ve seen in Argentina.

Perdiz is a world-class upland game bird hunted over well-trained pointers.  These birds hold very well in ground cover that many times is no higher than your ankles.  Perdiz do not covey, and are usually flushed as singles, or occasionally in pairs, but they are very challenging.  Your mouth will water as the chef serves you a delicious dish of freshly prepared Perdiz.  Note – The Perdiz may only be hunted May 1st – July 31st each season.

Incredibly secluded, this estancia is only 45 minutes from Punta del Este which is commonly known as the Riviera of South America. It combines great beaches with sophisticated restaurants, casinos, and shopping. Often times hunters spend a couple of days before or after their hunt in Punta del Este or in the nearby windlands experiencing the local vineyards.  The Estancia is also next to the Buddhist temple.

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