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Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt: August 2017

By Trey Sperring |

International hunting enthusiasts have long considered the mountain ranges of Asia to be home to the best Ovis (Sheep) and Capra (Goat) hunting on the planet. The continent of Asia is quickly becoming our company’s most popular hunting destination due to the diversity of landscapes and amount of huntable game species.
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Trophy Hunting Explained

By Greg Brownlee |

Hunting is something that’s been controversial in the media in recent years. Photos of hunters with big game trophies have made the rounds with celebrities and comedians who don’t understand it and use their influence to badmouth it. When people look at a photo from a successful hunt, they often either see the rewards of a hard hunt or something grim that they do not agree with. It’s a classic example of two people looking at the same photo and seeing two completely different things…  [Read more]



Whitetail Hunt: November 2014

By Trey Sperring |

Any true passionate hunter cherishes not only the rewards that may come from spending time afield, but also the memories made. As hunters and conservationists, the experiences we encounter and the lessons we learn in the field have a lasting impact. We carry these experiences, knowledge and memories with us throughout our everyday lives, and it shapes us into the people we are.
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Alaska Outfitted Moose Hunt Report

By Greg Brownlee | November

Recently I returned home from an excellent hunt in Alaska for AK Yukon moose. We’ve been booking moose hunts on the Peninsula for years, but the wolves and bears are really hammering the moose calves out there, so the number of moose tags available each year has dwindled down to just 2 moose/year. We get a lot of inquiries about moose, so I decided to go on an “exploratory” hunt in search of an area where we could send our clients for a reasonable shot at a big bull. After talking to an outfitter early in 2010, I decided I’d try and get a couple of guys and go up there to try the area for myself. Being on a fairly limited financial budget, I elected to… [Read more]