Hunt Species:

  • Baboon, Olive
  • Buffalo, Cape- Karamoja
  • Buffalo, Cape- Lake Mburo
  • Buffalo, Cape- Nile
  • Bushbuck, East African
  • Bushbuck, Nile
  • Bush Pig
  • Crocodile, Nile
  • Eland; East African
  • DikDik, Gunther’s
  • Duiker, East African Bush
  • Hartebeest, Jackson’s
  • Hippopotamus
  • Impala, East African
  • Kob, Uganda
  • Leopard
  • Monkey, Vervet
  • Oribi
  • Reedbuck
  • Sitatunga
  • Topi
  • Warthog
  • Waterbuck, Ugandan Defassa
  • Zebra, Burchell’s

Hunting Season

The Uganda hunting season is from January through November. It rains all year round (which is why the country is so lush) with slightly more rain on average in April-June and November. However, the rainfall varies from year-to-year. Some species move with the rain, but we hunt where the animals are. The best time to hunt Buffalo and Hartebeest is during the months of December to end of April. After that the grass is too high and hunting Buffalo becomes challenging. All other species may be hunted year round.

Lodge Safari Option:

Our outfitters have built a new lodge on the banks of Mayanja River on an 11 acre plot located in our core area (Nakaseke) in the heart of Kafu where the highest density of Sitatunga can be found, and where the current Rowland Ward No 1 and SCI No 2 & 3 East African Sitatunga Bulls were taken. From the lodge it takes about 15-30 minutes to be in a cerebeti and start your Sitatunga Safari. Quite a number of cerebetis are built on the banks while others are deeper into the Papyrus. The cerebetis on the banks can be reached by vehicle and a short 5m meter walk while the ones in the Papyrus will be reached by using a canoe.

Fly Camp Safari Option – The Ultimate Adventure

The Kafu River Basin is simply a huge dense bush area with cattle farms and with plenty of papyrus swamps, marshlands and rivers lined by papyrus belts. Some of these places are so remote that even in the olden days neither sport hunting nor any local hunting occurred here. These areas hold huge trophies that have never been harvested. Prior to your safari we will prepare a small fly camp on the floating papyrus or on an island in the river/papyrus. The camp will have mosquito proof canvas tents for sleeping and dining plus a kitchen tent. Shower & toilet facilities are shared between client and guide. Only limited staff will be taken along. From that fly camp you will have your cerebeti within walking distance.
Sitatunga in our areas are usually seen grazing early in the morning and late in the evening. They also graze during the daytime where they are undisturbed. In between these times, your guide will take you out to hunt Nile Bushbuck, Oribi, Duiker, Reedbuck, Waterbuck and Uganda Kob. This is “the Ultimate Adventure” – hunting Sitatunga, the Ghost of the Swamp surrounded by Hippo, Crocodiles and abundant bird life.

Safari Package Duration 1 Hunter/
1 PH
2 Hunters/1 PH 2 Hunters/2 PH Trophy Fee Deposit
A: Uganda Kob & Nile Bushbuck 7 days $8,000 $7,100 N/A $5,000
B: Cape Buffalo – Karamoja 8 days $14,990 $12,590 N/A $10,000
C: Nile Buffalo 10 days $19,700 N/A $18,500 $10,000
D: EA Sitatunga -Lodge Option- 10 days $23,300 N/A $20,900 $10,000
E: EA Sitatunga -Fly Camp Option- 10 days $15,500 $12,800 N/A $10,000
F: EA Sitatunga & Nile Buffalo -Lodge Option- 14 days $35,700 N/A $32,340 $15,000
G: EA Sitatunga & Nile Buffalo -Fly Camp Option- 14 days $28,980 N/A $25,620 $15,000
H Full Bag Safari – 2 cape, 1 Nile buffalo, plus all plains game 21 days $63,675 All Species/
All Areas
All Species/
All Areas

Hunters who travel with their families can upgrade their safari packages at any time and do side trips to:

• Bwindi National Park for Gorilla tracking
• Queen Elisabeth NP (tree climbing Lions, Giant Forest Hogs, large herds of Buffalo, Kob & Elephant)
• Murchison Falls NP (large herds of Kob, Hartebeest, Buffalo plus many other species)
• Kidepo NP (large herds of Buffalo, Elephant, Lions and rare species like Lesser & Greater Kudu)
• Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
• Fishing on Lake Victoria or at Murchison Falls
• And many more.

Non-Hunters/observers pay $300 for lodge and $200 for Fly Camp per day inclusive of $20 Conservation and $20 Concession Fees.

Please note that trophy fees can change at any time without notification! Due to quota limitations, please be advised, to book your safari well in advance!

Trophy Fees

Baboon, Olive – Free
Buffalo, Cape (Karamoja), 1st – $3,000
Buffalo, Cape (Lake Mburo), 2nd – $3,000
Buffalo, Nile – $4,000
**Bushbuck, East African – $950
Bushbuck, Nile, 1st – $1,200
Bushbuck, Nile, 2nd – $950
Bush Pig, East African White Faced – $400
Crocodile, Nile* – $2,500
**Eland; East African – $2,000
DikDik, Gunthers – $750
Duiker, East African Bush – $600
Hartebeest, Jackson’s – $1,800
Hippopotamus* – $2,000
**Impala, East African (2 max) – $600
Kob, Uganda, 1st – $2,500
Kob, Uganda, 2nd – $2,000
Leopard* – $7,500
Monkey, Vervet – Free
Oribi – $650
Reedbuck, Chanlers Mountain – $850
Reedbuck, Common – $850
Reedbuck, East African Bohor – $850
Sitatunga, East African – $5,000
**Topi – $1,500
Warthog 550
Waterbuck, Ugandan Defassa – $1,300
**Zebra, Burchell’s (2 max) – $1,000

*Problem Animals
Crocodile, Hippos and Leopards can only be hunted when they are identified as problem animals by Uganda
Wildlife Authority (which heretofore has been rare). Even if identified before or during a safari, it might be
necessary to change the booked concession and permits for problem animals might not be available when clients
plan to hunt.
**Species which are found outside our concessions. Here we cooperate with other Ugandan safari outfitter
companies! An individual package can be design in addition to our package with an add-on for those species.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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