Hunt Species:

  • Dagestan Tur

One of the most prominent features of Azerbaijan is the Caucasus Mountains that extend from the eastern shores of the Black Sea to the southwest shores of the Caspian Sea. This mountain range is commonly known as the southwestern frontier of Europe.

A biological crossroads, species from northern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East intermingle here with endemics found nowhere else. For many trophy hunters, the country’s name is almost synonymous with the Dagestan Tur that inhabits the Caucasus Mountains.

Known as the “ultimate test” in the hunting world, Tur hunting is for those who are prepared to meet anything that these mountains will throw at them.

$10,500 per person
2nd Tur – $5,500
Group discounts available!
5-day hunt, June 1st – December 31st

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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