Hunt Species:

  • Marco Polo Argali
  • Bukharan “Tajik” Markhor
  • Mid-Asian Ibex

Bukharan Markhor

We have been offering mountain hunts in Tajikistan since 1992, typically for Marco Polo and Mid-Asian Ibex. In the last two years we have been putting together hunts for the Bukharan or “Tajik” Markhor in community-based management areas. Community- based wildlife management is a recent development in Tajikistan. The aim of this approach is to offer revenues to local people and their families through conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, to refrain them to hunt unsustainably and motivate them durably to protect their wildlife resources.

Since 2008 game management areas that are protected by families or associations of local hunters have been established with the support of a nature conservation and development project. Revenues generated from guided hiking, game-viewing, wildlife photography and hunting are used to support the work of local rangers and nature guides, and any surpluses are invested into local development projects.

We work very closely with the teams who manage these game management areas and are privileged to be one of the few agents who can offer this hunt. These hunts are extremely limited with only six permits being issued in 2016 – 2017. The peer-reviewed science behind the positive effect that these hunts have on the Markhor population has helped secure import permits of this animal for the first time in decades. These hunts are typically sold for the hunting season before convention season starts, so please inquire immediately if interested for pricing and more information.

Price on request. February, 7 hunting days.

Marco Polo Argali

Hunters wanting a big Marco Polo know that Tajikistan is the place to go to make it happen. Years of sound management, high populations with limited quotas and good genetics have created the perfect setting to find Marco Polo Argali. We are able to offer hunts in multiple areas throughout the Murgabregion of Tajikistan for these enormous wild sheep. Prices vary by region and hunting area.

POR. 7 hunting days, November 20 – December 20 or January 10 – February 28. Additional species: Mid-Asian Ibex – $5,500. Rate includes visa invitation, custom handling, hunting organization for 10 days, trophy fee for one Marco Polo Argali, hunting license, gun import permit, area fees, transfers to and from Dushanbe airport, full board accommodation during the hunt, export licenses, VET certificates, interpreter and local guide, rifle permit, assistance from English speaking representative .

NOTE: Marco Polo Argali is in CITES II. U.S. clients are required to submit their own permit application permit to USFWS before May 1.

Mid-Asian Ibex – $7,500 (1 hunter) / $6,750 (2 or more hunters)

NOTE: To avoid any potential problems in Tajikistan, make sure you book with a reputable outfitter or agent. Trophy shipping and import issues have arisen in the past for clients looking for a “deal”.

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.


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