Argentina Big Game

Hunt Species

  • Red Stag (free-range)

Argentina (in general) is one of the world’s foremost hunting and fishing destinations. With a myriad of game and fish, the country provides boundless opportunities for outdoors-men to realize their life-long hunting and fishing dreams.

Wingshooting enthusiasts enjoy unbelievable dove, duck, pigeon, and perdiz hunts, while big game hunters have the opportunity to take a trophy Red Stag, Puma (non-importable for U.S. hunters) or Russian Wild Boar.

Fishermen come from every corner of the globe to take advantage of the world-class fly fishing for trout in Patagonia and freshwater dorado in Corrientes.

You can hunt Red Stag in native Europe and New Zealand as well, but Argentina has it’s advantages. Unlike New Zealand, when Red Stag were introduced into Argentina a century ago the bloodlines were very good. So while Argentina and Europe also have awesome Stags artificially bred behind wire, Argentina probably has the very best free-range Stag hunting in the entire world.

This outfitter is fully licensed and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded by three gentlemen in 2002, they started by offering Red Stag hunts on a ranch in Patagonia, and duck hunts at another ranch in the province of Entre Rios. They quickly developed a devoted group of repeat clients, and over the past several years they have grown to offer a wider variety of trips, both hunting and fishing, at more properties throughout the region to the growing clientele from the U.S. and Europe. Today, they operate seven of their own lodges and work closely with a number of other luxury lodges that complement these. This is an exclusive outfitter who has a very loyal group of clients, and dates tend to be booked out well in advance.

The outfitter’s operations are strictly fair-chase hunts with no high fences whatsoever. Some of the largest wild Red Stag in Argentina have been taken on their properties over the years. Huge ranches, and not even a neighbor has a high fence. Totally free-range.

All of their Red Stag hunting ranches are located in the San Martin & Junín de los Andes area in Northern Patagonia within the Province of Neuquen. There are multiple daily commercial flights from Buenos Aires Domestic Airport to San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche.

Their areas range from 14,000 – 200,000 free-range acreage – all in and around the areas where the first Red Stag were brought to Patagonia over 95 years ago (around San Martin dee los Andes). These areas are both in the foothills and higher elevations of the Andes Mountains. The foothills – think Montana where the High Plains meet the Rockies, combining open country, forested areas and high foothills covered in pine. The higher elevation areas is like pure mountain country, with thick forests, glades and deep valleys. Depending on the area, you’ll either hunt strictly on foot or horseback then on foot. The hunts can be set-up in several ways thanks to the topography offered by the properties. Usually you’ll head out on horseback (most of the time) to reach the mallines, or rut areas. Once a trophy is located, you leave the horses and begin an exciting stalk on foot. For hunters with mobility problems, you can also reach the hunting areas in comfortable 4×4 vehicles.

$9,790 per hunter

Pricing includes:
1 trophy Red Stag (regardless of size)
4 full days of hunting, 5 nights
1×1 hunter to guide ratio
All food and drinks (including fine Argentine wine, beer and liquor)
All internal ground transfers
Private ground transfer: Chapelco Airport – lodge – Chapelco Airport
Reception and assistance in customs at Ezeiza International Airport w/English-speaking guide

Exclusions: Trophy fee for cull Red Stag – $1,000, additional Red Stag trophy fee – $3,500, additional cull Red Stag trophy fee – $1,000, gun rental (if desired) – $65 per day, commercial flights to and within Argentina, transfers in Buenos Aires, exportation paperwork – $300 per Stag, preparation for Stag exportation – $50 per Stag, all shipping costs associated with getting your Stag(s) to the U.S. for taxidermy, gratuities (guide & camp staff), non-hunter/observer rate (if applicable) – $3,650 (for 4 days/5 nights)

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates.

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