Hunt Species:

  • Water Buffalo
  • Wild Ox
  • Wild Boar
  • Banteng

It is a pleasure to offer you to a region that we have personally hunted and the outfitter here has protected for over 20 years – the Walker River region of Eastern Arnhemland. The outfitter first came to this area in the late 1980’s seeking the ultimate area for Buffalo hunting. What he found was, quite simply, is one of the most profound buffalo habitats that we have ever come across in 40 years as hunting consultants.

Every hunter entering this hunting concession knows he/she has a genuine chance of taking a top class trophy. The area is in excess of two million acres and on every hunt there is a real chance of taking a record breaking buffalo. It has taken 20 years of strict management to achieve this benchmark, with an outfitter imposed quota of 30 large trophy bulls harvested annually.

While Water Buffalo are the true specialty here, there are opportunities for other Northern Territory species and we can provide you with a comprehensive combination hunt on all species within the area.

Trophy Water Buffalo
1×1 – $15,450
2×1 – $10,850 ea
7 days.

Trophy Banteng
1×1 – $17,500
2×1 – $14,500 ea
6 days.

Water Buffalo / Banteng Combo
1×1 – $27,600
2×1 – $22,500 ea
10 days.

Management Water Buffalo
1×1 – $11,800
2×1 – $8,900 ea
4×2 – $7,000 ea
7 days.

Additional Animal Trophy Fees:
Trophy Water Buffalo (additional) – $5,000
Management Water Buffalo bull – $3,000
Management Water Buffalo cow – $1,000
Wild Ox – $4,000
Trophy Wild Boar – $900

Reach out to us for further details and/or available dates for this hunt. Additional fees apply to the rates listed above.

Click to view client success photos from this area.

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