One of Earth’s Last Untouched Places

Hosted Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunt: April 2019 Stretching across 11 different time zones, Russia is an absolutely massive country. Russia’s Far East contains the country’s greatest wealth in big game species, such as Brown Bear, Moose, multiple species of Snow Sheep, Caribou, Wolf, Wolverine and Walrus. The Kamchatka Peninsula, specifically, is home to many of these species including the Kamchatka Brown Bear. In fact, the Kamchatka Peninsula holds the world’s largest and densest population of

13 Mar 2018

A Cougar Hunt With Hounds

Cougar Hunt: March 2018 On the opening day of the over-the-counter Cougar season in southwestern Utah, two clients (one being my Father) and I all tagged out on the elusive Mountain Lion ​for the very first time.  In just one day!  Two days later, another client tagged out on his very first day of hunting.  Another two days later, our client tagged out on his first day!  Five Cougars in four days of hunting! The

4 Nov 2017

A Hunt to Remember

Whitetail Hunt: November 2014 Any true passionate hunter cherishes not only the rewards that may come from spending time afield, but also the memories made. As hunters and conservationists, the experiences we encounter and the lessons we learn in the field have a lasting impact. We carry these experiences, knowledge and memories with us throughout our everyday lives, and it shapes us into the people we are. The experience of hunting whitetail in the plains

4 Sep 2017

The Capra of Kyrgyzstan

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt: August 2017 International hunting enthusiasts have long considered the mountain ranges of Asia to be home to the best Ovis (Sheep) and Capra (Goat) hunting on the planet. The continent of Asia is quickly becoming our company’s most popular hunting destination due to the diversity of landscapes and amount of huntable game species.   The Kyrgyz Republic, or Kyrgyzstan as it’s commonly known, is a central Asian mountain hunter’s dream located in the western Tian

13 Mar 2017

Alaska Outfitted Moose Hunt Report

Recently I returned home from an excellent hunt in Alaska for AK Yukon moose. We've been booking moose hunts on the Peninsula for years, but the wolves and bears are really hammering the moose calves out there, so the number of moose tags available each year has dwindled down to just 2 moose/year. We get a lot of inquiries about moose, so I decided to go on an "exploratory" hunt in search of an area